All Day Dog Sled Adventure

For those of you who want to really jump in to mushing, we offer an all day dog sledding adventure to our homestead on the Tanana River.  This is the way to really learn how to run a dog team.  Meet our friendly and fuzzy team of Alaska Huskies and ride the runners through wild, beautiful country.


The Experience

Your day begins with an hour-long scenic drive south of Fairbanks (30 miles on the highway, 8 miles on a dirt road).  We will get you dressed in warm parkas, mitts, snowpants, and overshoes and mush you along woodland trails and on the frozen Tanana river to our cozy handmade cabin (about 7-12 miles depending on conditions). There we will eat a hot lunch, and the afternoon is yours to enjoy.  Go for a snowshoe trek around the bluff, tour our fish house, cabin site, and cache. You'll have time to learn about the handmade structures, how we fish for salmon to feed our dog team, chop for water through the ice, and more.  Or just relax on the bluff, enjoying the sunshine, silence, and beautiful view. We mush you back to your car at the end of the day and you arrive back to Fairbanks in time for dinner. It is a great way to try out lots of activities and get out of town and experience real Alaska.

The Dogs!

We use our dog team for work, travel, and fun.  We make our dog sleds by hand and spend a month each fall fishing for salmon to feed our team.  By visiting our homestead, you can learn more about these working dogs.  During this interactive dog ride, we can tell you all about this lifestyle and the equipment used.  We will teach you the basics of dog mushing, covering how we train, feed, harness and run the dogs.  We have a “tag sled” so one person can steer their own sled while the other rides in the front sled with a guide.  This is a hands-on, active ride and a great way to learn!

The Details

This tour takes you to a wilderness setting over an hour from definitive medical care.  We do not have specific weight or fitness requirements for our dog sled tours, but dog sledding is an active sport.  Guests need to be able to jump on and off and walk behind the sled if need be.  Participants need to be fairly fluent in English for safety reasons and we do not accept children under the age of 10.  If you are wondering if this is the right tour for you, please ask us!

DURATION: 8 hours.

WHEN: By appointment, December 1-April 1.  Please call as far in advance as possible to schedule as trips fill up!

WHERE: The Nenana Ridge Road, about 30 miles south of Fairbanks.

COST: 2 people: $750, 1 person: $500.  Includes gear, guiding, lunch and snacks. 

BOOK NOW! Please fill out the form below OR email/call us at (248) 568-0345.

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PAYMENT: Once you have confirmed a date and time with us, we ask that you pay a portion of the cost of your tour as a reservation fee using paypal button below to finalize the reservation.  Please confirm the date with us before paying.  Reservation fees are fully refundable if you cancel at least two weeks prior to the date of your trip.  We will happily accept the remainder of your payment in cash or check made out to David Jonas on the day of your trip. Tips of 5-10% of the cost of your trip are greatly appreciated and all tips go to medical care and treats for the dogs! :)


Reviews from previous guests:

Trying to decide if you should book a tour with Boreal Journeys Alaska? Yes, you should! You will not regret it! David and Jenna are truly genuine, humble people who love what they do, and want their guests to experience their lifestyle and enjoy the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness the way they do.

I really wanted to see their Tanana homestead. When Jenna learned that we were not going to be in Fairbanks on the days they did the all day dog sledding tour, she and David were quick to find another day that worked for us. There’s no denying that their priority is making their guests happy!

It was our first time dog sledding, and it was awesome. The dogs were so cute, and they got so excited when getting hooked up to the sled. Sledding through the woods was fun, especially when they saw or smelled another animal. They would turn on the turbo, which made for an exciting ride! While riding in the front sled was cool, standing on the tag sled was exhilarating!

Their Tanana homestead was very impressive. The view was beautiful. The fish house was stocked with fish, the cabin and kitchen tent was warm and cozy, and the outhouse was nice and clean! And I loved seeing all their handmade items. Jenna had a hot lunch waiting for us, and it was the coolest thing to be eating with bowls and spoons that they had made. After lunch we went snow shoeing, which was another first for us. We got to see the gazebo they got married in and the site of their future cabin.

Boreal Journeys Alaska provided us with a personal, unique dog sledding experience that we will never forget. It was a great way to spend the day, and I can’t help but feel good about the time we spent with David, Jenna, and the pack! Do yourself a favor and book an adventure with Boreal Journeys Alaska!
— Lori U, Hawaii
I will echo the glowing praise others have given about the marvelous experience Jenna and David have worked so hard to bring together. On our recent trip very close to the winter solstice (only a few hours of light a day bookended by often-colorful sunrise and sunsets), we took the all-day dog sledding and snowshoeing trip, and boy did it surpass my expectations. We mushed in from a remote logging road to their homestead, in itself a perfect journey. The dogs are tremendous creatures who clearly love their lives. Then there’s their gorgeous land with stunning views over the Tanana River. They’ve crafted a few shelters for different purposes, including a fish house (where they cold-smoke salmon themselves- delicious), always with more projects on the horizon. Spending time eating a delicious meal, talking with them about how it all came to be, and what their lives look like was very inspiring. As others have said, it feels like spending time with old friends. We got a bit of a late start, so we hung around til well into the darkness, and then we mushed back out in the moonlight. This experience helped to make sure we’d been bitten hard by the Alaska bug. If you have the time while in town, make a day of it, and don’t be afraid to imagine what you’d build and do if you made yourself this kind of life.
— Alaina S., Seattle, WA