Friendly, hard working traveling companions.



Kathul "Ka-Tool"

Kathul is the newest addition to our team.  She is brave and affectionate and very cute.  We got her from our friends Kevin and Polly at Mahoosuc Guide Service in Maine.  She was born on August 11 2017 to Nanook Jr. and Moya.  Kathul is a Yukon Husky, her bloodline goes back to the Yukon Territories where her ancestors were originally bred by Native people to pull toboggans in deep, soft snow conditions. Some of Mahoosuc kennels lineage was in the last RCMP dog team in Old Crow!


Bruce Lee "Brule"

Bruce Lee is sweet and earnest and really really likes sleeping in our bed and pulling his heart out.   He was born on November 5 2016 at Anita Fowler's Sirius Sled Dogs Kennel.  His parents are Orion and Isolde.  He is a Hedlund Husky.  Nita named him Bruce Lee because he makes awesome karate sounds. 


Eowyn is a sweetheart, social butterfly and a hard worker.  Her combination of confidence and curiosity make her a great up and coming lead dog. She was born in January 15 2016 at Anita Fowler's Sirius Sled Dogs Kennel in Fairbanks.  Her parents are Avett and Isolde.  She is spunky, brave and very very cute.  At 8 weeks she could howl, eat raw salmonsicles, and almost outrun Jenna.

polar (santiago)



Polar was named by kids in Eagle because he is super furry and looks like a polar bear. David got him when he was living in the village of Eagle and he grew up on the Yukon.  He's got the best coat and is the best eater- as in, he eats anything and everything. He was born in 2007.




Ursa is our smallest (65lbs) and arguably our hardest working dog (go figure).  She is very cuddly and likes to cool off in the snow by rolling in it every time we stop.  We got Ursa from our friends Paige and Cody of Squid Acres Kennels.  She is from the Eagle area originally and was born in 2010.  Her parents are Iceberg and Agata.



True to his name, Skookum is strong, well built and always ready to go. He is our main lead dog and is skilled at blazing new trails.  He is also the most vocal of the dogs, making sounds that range from a siren to Chebaka. He was born in 2007.




Minto is the most spirited of our dogs.  He is always trying to play.  He is a good, decisive lead dog on trails.  No matter how much we feed him, he always stays trim and wiry. He was born in 2007.


Tanana is a tall, leggy dog built like a horse. His passions in life are straw or boughs (bedding) and following you around.  He is a great companion on walks and can even pull a sled for you!  He was born in 2007.



Yawp is a eager to please and enthusiastic dog.  He hops, he howls, he plays a lot.  He was born on January 1 2013.  His parents are Avett and Isolde.  He has been known to chase his own tail.  He has a good thick coat and a lot of potential.  We got him in 2015 from our friend Anita at Sirius Sled Dogs

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