Friendly, hard working traveling companions.



Mukluk (Daagoo)

Mukluk is observant, independent, and affectionate. He has a thick fluffy coat and wonderful facial markings. He makes adorable high pitched yawning vocalizations. Mukluk was born on August 19, 2018. We got him from our friends at the Denali National Park Sled Dog Kennel. His parents are Annie from Denali Park and Luchta, a Tamaskan from Seattle. Read more about the parents of this litter here: Fun fact, Luchta was in a broadway play! We are excited to have some new blood in our kennel and look forward to watching this wonderful puppy grow up.


Kathul "Ka-Tool"

Kathul is brave and affectionate and adorable to boot. She is our biggest female, weighing over 70lbs at a year old. She is crazy about pulling and LOVES playing with puppies, her main tactic is swatting them with her big head.  We got her from our friends Kevin and Polly at Mahoosuc Guide Service in Maine.  She was born on August 11 2017 to Nanook Jr. and Moya.  Kathul is a Yukon Husky, her bloodline goes back to the Yukon Territories where her ancestors were originally bred by Native people to pull toboggans in deep, soft snow conditions. Some of Mahoosuc kennels lineage was in the last RCMP dog team in Old Crow!


Bruce Lee "Brule"

Bruce Lee is sweet and earnest and really really likes sleeping in our bed and pulling his heart out.  Although he now weights over 70 pounds, he is a mama’s boy and thinks he is a lap dog. As a sled dog he is keenly interested in going down the trail. As a pup he was so excited to run that he was almost impossible to harness when the other dogs were already hooked in, we had to put him in last for fear that he would pull the snow hook and take off without us. He has good focus and incredible drive and is training to be a lead dog. Brucey was born on November 5 2016 at Anita Fowler's Sirius Sled Dogs Kennel.  His parents are Orion and Isolde.  He is a Hedlund Husky.  Nita named him Bruce Lee because he makes awesome karate sounds.


Eowyn is a spunky social butterfly.  Her combination of confidence and curiosity make her a great up and coming lead dog. If she has it her way, she will also be the next alpha dog. She is our most intelligent and athletic dog. She spcializes in the “high jump” which she uses to steal her main passion in life- food from our table. She was the first puppy that we raised together and in the picture on the left, she was dressed up for our wedding. At 8 weeks she could howl, eat raw salmonsicles, and almost outrun Jenna. Eowyn was born in January 15 2016 at Anita Fowler's Sirius Sled Dogs Kennel in Fairbanks.  Her parents are Avett and Isolde. 



Yawp is a eager to please and enthusiastic dog.  He hops, he howls, he plays a lot and is very sassy. He was born on January 1 2013.  His parents are Avett and Isolde, the same as Eowyn.  He has been known to chase his own tail.  He has a good thick coat and runs in the “team” position most of the time.  We got him in 2015 from our friend Anita at Sirius Sled Dogs



Ruby is a very enthusiastic and cheerful girl. She is a hard worker and named after the Yukon River village of Ruby. She and Yawp are littermates, and they both share the same amount of sass. She was raised for the first 7 years of her life by a local woman and we borrowed her during the winters of 2018 and 2019, finally adopting her in 2019.



Ursa is our smallest (65lbs) and arguably our hardest working dog (go figure).  She is very cuddly and likes to cool off in the snow by rolling in it every time we stop.  She runs in the “wheel dog”position in our team, a position usually reserved for a big hulking dog but little Ursa is so good at pulling hard and anticipating where the sled will go that we almost always run her in wheel. She is agile and ducks under the line. She is a great instigator of playing, she can get even the oldest, grumpiest dog to play with her. We got Ursa from our friends Paige and Cody of Squid Acres Kennels.  She is from the Eagle area originally and was born in 2010.  Her parents are Iceberg and Agata.

polar (santiago)


Polar was David’s first sled dog. David met polar when he was living in the village of Eagle, Alaska and polar was tied up in the cold as a little guy. David asked his owner if he could have him, and the fuzzy white pup followed him home. Eagle Polar was named by kids in Eagle because he is super furry and looks like a polar bear.  He's got the best coat and is the best eater- as in, he eats anything and everything. He has been the “alpha” of our team, the other dogs treat him with respect. He was born in 2007.


Minto is the most spirited of our dogs.  He has a distinctive nose and is recognized often on the trails. Until Bruce Lee came along, he was by far the fastest as well. He is always trying to play.  He is a good, decisive lead dog on trails.  One time David said left and Minto decided right was better. Minto was correct, David burst through an ice bridge and Minto gave him an “I told you so” look from his safe perch on the other side. No matter how much we feed him, he always stays trim and wiry. He was born in 2007.


True to his name, Skookum was a strong, well built and always ready to go. He was our trusted lead dog for many years and spoiled us rotten with his ability to blaze new trails, keep the team motivated, and find his way home, even in a blizzard. David claims that Skookum could read his mind, and they have used their “ESP” many times to make trails in trackless tundra. When we stopped the team for a break, Skook never laid down to rest, he just stood at the ready. He was also among the most vocal of the dogs, making sounds that range from a siren to Chebaka. He was born in 2007 and passed in 2019. We miss him very much.


Tanana was a tall, leggy dog built like a horse. His passions in life were straw or boughs (bedding) and following you around.  He was a great companion on walks and the only dog that was calm enough to follow you and pull a sled at a walking pace!  He was our self-proclaimed “indoor dog” because of his thin coat and spent many a night sleeping by the woodstove. He and Skookum were littermates. He was born in 2007 and passed peacefully in 2019. We miss him.

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